We have a rental facility in Phillips, NE where we host auctions. Consignors can either bring their merchandise to the auction site, or we can help you.

Packing/Moving Help

We understand that life gets hectic, and Bergmark Auctioneering is willing to help. We have an experienced team ready to pack and load your estate. We will then bring your merchandise to the auction site for auction.

Picnic Table Rentals

We have two 20ft Portable Picnic Tables for Rent. Great for graduations, weddings, birthday parties, and other events!

$40/day or $80/day with umbrellas

Auctioneer for Hire

Need help for a day or particular event? Let us help you with your organization’s auction needs.

Charity Auctions and Sponsorships

Bergmark Auctioneering has donated it’s time to help out multiple charities in their efforts to fundraise. Bergmark Auctioneering will also consider sponsorships for local organizations. Currently, Bergmark Auctioneering is a sponsor of Nebraska Figure 8 Racing, Phillips Ball Program, and the Triple B Feed.